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Create a positive menopause experience

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Meet Dani Binnington

Founder of @healthywholeme

Dani (She/her) - European/white

Diagnosed in 2013 - aged 33 - Triple negative breast cancer

With every day, in every way, I am becoming healthier and stronger.


Check out Dani's guide to menopause after cancer and how to create your own positive menopause experience.

The menopause conversation is really shifting – we’re all talking about it a lot more and most of us have a much better understanding of the benefits of HRT, along with lifestyle steps that can help manage symptoms.

But there’s something that isn’t so widely discussed – and that’s menopause after cancer. It’s a totally different ballgame and people in the cancer community often feel excluded from the wider menopause conversation. That can leave women feeling even more isolated, confused and scared at what is already a deeply challenging time.

"Menopause after cancer really is the hidden menopause." - Dani Binnington

Doctors will often tell you HRT isn’t an option, depending on the kind of cancer you had, so you’re left on your own, dealing with a double-whammy of menopause symptoms and the trauma, loneliness and anxiety that can follow cancer treatment.


Find out more about menopause after cancer here -

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