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Cancer was a very personal, very private, solitary journey for me

I'm happily married, have lots of family nearby, and many good friends, but I really didn't want to see anyone throughout my treatment, and was even a bit uncomfortable with my wife's extra attention. I just wanted to keep myself 100 percent focused on taking good care of my body, as well as a few hours of work a day. My wife and I own our company. We have a handful of employees. They were all sensitive and supportive throughout my treatment. If I initiated conversation, they engaged wholeheartedly, but generally they steered clear of me and I appreciated that.

As you know, everyone goes through chemo and radiation differently. I'm a writer. I'm in my head almost 24/7, and I stayed right there through treatment. I didn't go through a scary existential period—I'm going to die—I assume because I spend a lot of time thinking about life and death already.  

- Matt Sutherland

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