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Donate to life after cancer


92% of our cancer community told us that they find life after cancer harder than cancer treatment. Help us support adults to increase their wellbeing and reduce isolation after cancer.


Our mission is to create a world where people who have had cancer are less isolated and can manage their mental wellbeing. We would like every individual to know that there is a free, safe, non-judgemental space here for anyone who has experienced cancer. 


Your donation supports us to do that. 


£15 could pay for 1 person to attend our peer support group to increase mental wellbeing and reduce isolation. 
£50 could pay for an hour with a trained coach to support an individual to reduce the risk of serious mental distress and help to build a positive life after their cancer experience.
£250 could pay for 1 person to attend our 15 hour community coaching programme, helping them fulfil their potential, move forward with their lives and address issues that could prove challenging in the future.

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