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Return to Work after Cancer

We support adults to increase their mental wellbeing and return to work after cancer because 92% of our cancer community told us that they find life after cancer harder than cancer treatment. The negative impact of cancer does not finish at the end of medical treatment. Many survivors feel alone, experiencing ongoing issues such as strain in close relationships, career uncertainty, long-term physical symptoms and financial concerns. 

Problem to the business

Cancer is becoming survivable rather than a terminal illness which means that more cancer patients are returning to work following their cancer treatment. Employees find returning to work after cancer treatment difficult.

  • 48% of all cancer patients have made structural changes to their working patterns because of their diagnosis

  • 40% change jobs or leave work altogether

  • 86% of line managers have not been given any training on how to support people with long term conditions, including cancer

  • £1.4 billion: The cost of cancer to the economy is at least £1.4 billion a year in lost wages and benefits alone


Problem to the employee

Many employees feel alone, experiencing ongoing issues such as long-term physical symptoms, financial concerns and career uncertainty.

  • 45% of cancer survivors experience symptoms of anxiety, 25% experienced symptoms of depression

  • 35% had a negative experience returning to work

  • 27% Received no support to help them back to work after their diagnosis

  • Twice as likely: Cancer survivors are twice as likely to die by suicide than the general population.

How we help

Life After Cancer facilitates personalised support for individuals who have finished cancer treatment before and during their return to work. We deliver talks, workshops, support groups and coaching in your workplace to empower both the employee and employer to support individuals to increase their mental wellbeing and return to work post cancer.

The support members receive reduces the risk of serious mental distress, supporting them to return to work sooner and helping to build a positive, purposeful life after their cancer experience. People can join our services at any point after their treatment has finished to help them fulfil their potential at work, move forward with their lives and address issues that could prove challenging in the future.

Benefits to the business

Individuals return to work sooner with increased attendance, productivity, engagement and performance, a greater sense of purpose at work equalling greater employee retention.

Benefits to the employee

Increased mental wellbeing, confidence, self esteem and improved mood. Reduced feelings of anxiety, depression and stress. Feels more supported and less isolated at work with a belief that they have built a positive life that is in line with who they are after their cancer experience.


  • 100% felt supported in our services and would recommend to others

  • 95% said that joining Life after Cancer services increased their mental wellbeing 

  • 95% said that joining Life after Cancer services decreased feelings of isolation



“This should honestly be recommended to every patient who’s experienced cancer”

- BBC employee

"My return to work can be attributed solely to the group coaching programme, which has helped me recover on an emotional level and given me a sense of wellbeing I thought I had lost forever.”

 - Unilever employee

"In six sessions, Life after Cancer supported me to return to work - I go back in 2 weeks! I was not ready to return to the office before we started working together."

- HSBC employee

"Life After Cancer is filling a gap, providing invaluable support at a time in people’s lives when they can feel very anxious, vulnerable and alone. As a GP, I feel Life after Cancer is providing a vital service to help people move forward with their lives after a cancer diagnosis."

 - Dr Kirsten Brown, GP and Primary Care Clinical Lead for City and Hackney

“Life after Cancer are providing vital support for adults who've had cancer and these groups are extremely important”

 - Dr Louise Soanes, Director Of Services at Teenage Cancer Trust

"I fully endorse and support the work that Life after Cancer are delivering"

 - Clare Golden, Support Manager at Macmillan

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