Support Group: Walthamstow

What to expect

In partnership with The Discovery Space, we hold a monthly space for those who have experienced cancer. We allow whatever comes to come. Chatting about anything and everything over some tea and biscuits. 

2 hours, once a month. And it's free.

We use community spaces which are also free of charge and look to support community discovery. Each space has 1-3 coaches who facilitate the group and organise for it to happen. Blank pieces of paper and felt tips are handed out and these then become the meeting minutes. Every one takes whatever is of value for them.

This is a space for people who want to connect and share their worlds. When communities connect and are creative, something wonderful happens and we want that for every community across the planet.

The capacity is 12. First come, first served. We are looking forward to seeing you there, feel free to bring some biscuits!​



"I have very much enjoyed attending the monthly support groups. Meeting other people, who live locally, with experience of living with cancer has been a very positive experience."

"A great space to explore in confidence some of the difficult & challenging emotions that cancer generates. Everyone is friendly, welcoming & non-judgemental. An uplifting two hours."

"Finding this group was important to me as it’s difficult to understand what having cancer is like unless you’ve been through it yourself."


What are the benefits?

  • We hold the space for each other

  • We use the resources we all have

  • We have authentic conversations

  • Every one takes whatever is of value for them

  • We all support each other, listen, learn and sponsor

  • We allow what comes, to come, and go with what feels right

  • New ideas and projects/work/etc can spin off from the group  


Who is this for?

This is for anyone who has experienced cancer. If you currently have cancer, have just finished treatment or you are someone who has helped your partner, friend or family member during this time - please do come along.