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One-to-one Coaching

What is coaching?


Coaching is a partnership that will help you create a life that is in line with who you are after cancer. During each session, you will choose the focus of conversation. You will be listened to, with a genuine curiosity and we will reflect back to you, with an objective analysis and challenge that helps you create clarity and moves you into action. You will take responsibility for taking steps to produce the outcomes that you desire. Exercises will be provided at the end of each session supporting you to move forward. 


What could we work on during our coaching sessions? 


In short, almost anything. What is taking up space in your head right now? Maybe it's that. Here are a few topics that past clients have worked on during the sessions: 


  • Improving mental wellbeing

  • Developing a business idea

  • Creating a vision for the life they want

  • Exploring their identity and clarifying priorities 

  • Preparing to return to work after cancer treatment

  • Creating a self-care plan to take better care of themselves

  • Identifying gaps between where they are and where they'd like to be

  • Building self-awareness, making better choices and enhancing their quality of life


Your coach


Steph, our founder facilitates our coaching sessions. Since training as a Coach, NLP Practitioner and mental health first aider, I've completed 2,000+ hours of one-to-one coaching with adults post cancer treatment. Working with NHS England, UCLH, Macmillan, Future Dreams, Target Ovarian Cancer, Solving Kids Cancer, Teenage Cancer Trust, Trekstock and YouCan. After her own experience with cancer, she quickly realised that the impact of cancer didn't suddenly stop once treatment was over. Cancer shaped her life so she created a supportive, confidential, non-judgemental space to support others in shaping theirs. 


Interested in working together? 

We offer a free 15 minute call to understand how we can support you and to answer any of your questions.


Please click the button below to schedule your free call. Coaching sessions are priced on a sliding scale (based on individuals income).



"Steph has helped me confront my feelings and rebuild my life after cancer. With her support, I am now better at looking after myself, challenging my anxieties and finding that all important balance in life. Steph is an incredible coach. She is compassionate and supportive, but also challenging when necessary. Coaching has changed the way I live my life for the better and I will be forever grateful for Steph's help."

"Looking back, I really do have to attribute the work we did in our sessions, to the transformative difference I have noticed in my approach to my work, and more importantly as I came to discover, myself. Steph's sheer practicality, combined with her own personal experience and understanding of the situations discussed was a very comforting and yet productive combination - that has, I can genuinely say, made a marked difference in my approach to life."

"Steph brought kindness, patience and a deep understanding to help me navigate my life after cancer. I left each session feeling slightly more aware of who I was and had become post-cancer, where I wanted to be and what blockages I was putting in place. Subsequently I became more empowered not just about what I was experiencing as I moved towards my ‘new normal, but about what I was going to do to work towards it. I am so grateful Steph for enabling me to get to a place, where the colour and sense of direction has come back into my life for the first time since my diagnosis."

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