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Get involved with fundraising for Life after Cancer on Donate a cuppa day 20th May 2023

As you may know, if you have attended our support groups, workshops or coaching programmes, your place has been free.

You can help Life after Cancer continue vital work by donating the price of a cuppa on 20th May 2023 (during Mental Health Awareness week) - for our #donateacuppaday fundraising campaign. 


Help support someone in need and give them a space to share their worries and anxieties. A worry shared is a worry halved.


We appreciate your support and your generosity really does make a huge difference to a not-for-profit that relies on fundraising and donations to continue to offer services for free. 


We would like every individual to know that there is a free, safe, non-judgemental space here for anyone who has experienced cancer. 

How can you get involved?

There are three ways you can get involved with fundraising on 20th May for #donateacuppaday


Instead of purchasing a cuppa when out and about on 20th May, donate the cost you'd have spent to support our #donateacuppaday fundraiser

Gather your colleagues, friends or family together to host a virtual or in person #donateacuppaday coffee and cake fundraising event on 20th May.


Print off your own fundraising event poster here.

Share details of our fundraiser to encourage colleagues, friends or family to take part and donate a cuppa to support Life after Cancer

​Remember to add the #donateacuppaday when you share our fundraiser or details of your own event on social media!

Fundraising charity coffee morning
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