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Mindful pause practice

When we have been through a difficulty or challenge in our life, it can sometimes be useful to reconnect to the present and what is going on right now, with little touch-point moments, that we actively seek out and practice. Try integrating the following 'purposeful pause' into your day, and maybe using it when you find your mind getting tangled up in a story-line about the past.  


Pausing and coming back to the present - wherever you are right now, if you're standing or sitting, try:

  • placing both feet flat on the floor;
  • taking a moment to bring your attention to the connection of your feet making contact with the ground;

  • if you'd like to, bringing attention to the sensations in your body when you breath in and out for a few breaths;

  • paying attention to the in-breath all the way in, the slight gap at the top of the in-breath, and then the out-breath all the way out. There is no need to change your breath in any way - just breathe as normal, whatever that means for you right now;

  • noticing if your mind wanders away to a thought or distraction, and if it does, just noticing that fact without judgement, and then gently guiding it back, as best you can, to following your breath;

  • after you've done this for a few breaths, bringing your attention back to both your feet, and the connection to the ground

Ruth Ormston, Calm City Mind

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