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What to expect

After our own experience with cancer, we quickly realised that the world was a very different colour post cancer. Cancer shaped our lives so we created this space to support others in shaping theirs. Our Life after Cancer workshop create a gentle, safe environment for you to explore your life after cancer. Each workshop has at least 1 coach who facilitates the group. The workshop is split into 6 sessions:

#1: “Everyone seems to think it’s over now. They expect that I get my life together and move on. I don’t have me back yet.”

We already have everything that we need in order to move forward. We begin by introducing you to you. After a life changing event, beliefs change, values change and priorities change. Are you changing with the changes? We:

  • Explore your values. Questioning who you are after cancer, what matters in life and what is important to you right now. 

  • Play, imagine and daydream. We explore what 100% is for you, questioning - if anything were possible, what would you create, become or have? We share our dreams with each other. 

  • Identify what you need in order to feel 100% and start creating a plan that will allow you to start moving towards this. 

#2: “I have no idea what I want and I’m struggling to move forward.”

When we have a life vision, it gives us clarity and something to work towards. We: 

  • Explore our present and future state, where are we and where do we want to be?

  • Take a moment to reflect on our biggest goals and dreams before we get creative, share inspiration and start envisioning the future. 

  • Tap into the confidence we require to take us closer to our life vision 

#3: “My goal is too ambitious. I’m just not good enough, I failed before and I don’t want to fail again.”

When people don’t reach their goals, it’s often not because of ability. It’s because of the way they’re focusing on the number of items, or rather, the way they are chunking things. We: 

  • Create and gain clarity around our vision, we explore how we will make this happen before questioning what might get in our way and how we can solve this

  • Break down our actions into sizeable chunks noting when you’ll achieve these

  • Match you with an accountability buddy. You have a 95% of completing a goal if you commit to someone and you have a specific accountability appointment

#4: “I don’t want to be defined by cancer, yet I feel like I am. It’s changed my outlook on life.”

You are the story you tell yourself. A different story breeds hope and gives us a sense of possibility and perspective. We: 

  • Share the stories we tell ourselves, discussing the meaning each has for us

  • Rewrite our story with several lenses

  • Create the habits we need to take us forward

#5: “I get so caught up in my own head, I need help understanding my emotions and how I express them.”

It’s ok not to be ok. Take time to notice thoughts, emotions and becoming more present. We: 

  • Practice mindfulness and active listening

  • Notice where we feel positive and negative emotions in our body

  • Explore how we communicate our emotions 

#6: “I can’t do it, I don’t have any confidence and I’m scared of failing.” 

Be careful how you talk to yourself, remember who’s listening. We: 

  • Identify what’s getting in our way

  • Notice our thoughts and the language that we use

  • Increase our confidence and decrease our fear

If you're interested in finding out more you can click here to schedule a chat with our coach. 

What are the benefits?


  • Self-awareness

  • Direction and focus

  • Personal learning and development


  • Clarity

  • Motivation and engagement

  • Ownership and responsibility 

  • Insight into behaviour and performance 

Testimonials include:

“As a result of our workshop, I feel a lot more positive and enthusiastic. My biggest learning was to talk openly amongst a new group of people about what I’d like to achieve. I benefited by meeting new people and reflecting on what I am doing now and plan to do in the future. It was a good balance of personal activity and group work.” ​ - Charlotte Bradford

Who is it for?

This is for anyone who is living with or beyond cancer.

Time and cost

The workshop lasts 12 weeks and consists of 6 x 2.5 hour online group sessions which will be run fortnightly. You will need to commit an additional 2 hours of your time each week. 

The cost is £249, which you will be required to pay upfront. Our next workshop begins on the 26/June. 

If you're interested in finding out more you can click here to schedule a chat with our coach. 

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