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Hope After Cancer Allyson's story

Meet Allyson

Allyson (she/her) - British

Diagnosed in 2020 - Ovarian cancer

I have hope. I have strength. I am practically perfect in every way.


Allyson shares her story of hope after Ovarian cancer and what has worked for her in moving forward in her life after cancer.

Allyson was diagnosed in 2020 with Ovarian cancer.

Seizing joy is a big part of Allyson's life post cancer and she has surrounded herself with everything she needs to cultivate her joy in her craft sanctuary. A daily walk sets Allyson up for the day and daily journaling and poetry allow her to reflect on her day.

"There is so much that you can do after your cancer diagnosis because life is for living. Find something that brings you joy every day because it makes such a difference!"

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