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Hope After Cancer Gill's story

Meet Gill

Gill (she/her) - British

Diagnosed in 2020- Stage 3 Rectal Cancer


Gill's video shares her story of hope after rectal cancer and what has worked for her in moving forward in her life after cancer.

Gill was diagnosed in 2020 with stage 3 Rectal Cancer, aged 40.

Gill's diagnosis came out of the blue, and lead to months of treatment - chemotherapy, radiotherapy and then major surgery. All of this whilst being a mum to three young children.

During treatment, Gill found that all the decisions were made for her. She was guided by and followed what the experts were saying. The other side of treatment for Gill was the hardest part.

"I was 'better' according to my consultant, but felt lost and changed in ways that I struggled to comprehend...As time has passed, there is a now a new richness to life after cancer, because I have learnt to appreciate different things now."

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