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Don't focus too much on work. The advert for your job will be up before your obituary

Tim Campbell, Apprentice Winner


Do other peoples worries about health creep up on them during the night?

Thoughts and advice developed from our own personal experience

Starry Sky

Luckily, I had read that it’s best to organise your wig before you lose your hair

Hair loss tips from Laura Hall

Ginger Wig

When Will It Get Better?

Thoughts and advice developed from our own personal experience

Woman on Window Sill

How to behave when someone has cancer

5 tips from Dr Shara Cohen

Woman with Coffee

Cancer was a very  solitary journey for me

Matt Sutherland shares his personal story


Life after cancer

Bri Edwards discusses what it really means

Home Office

Top 5 Books for Personal Growth

How has personal development helped you in your journey after cancer?

Colorful Books

With this breath

Sometimes when we practice mindfulness or when we live our lives more generally, we can get caught up in thinking things have to be a certain way.

Looking Towards the Horizon

Mindful pause practice

When we have been through a difficulty or challenge in our life, it can sometimes be useful to reconnect to the present and what is going on right now.

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