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How to create a hand tied bouquet

Follow a simple, guided tutorial on how to create your own hand tied bouquet of flowers at home.

Join Harri from Flowers for your weekend in this simple to follow tutorial. Harri is passionate about flowers and an advocate for the calming practice of flowering! (except when it is Valentine's day!)

Hand-tied bouquets are a great thing to know how to make- they elevate any bunch of flowers and can be used to brighten up the home or to give as a gift.

Arranging flowers is a relaxing, mindful practice. The hands-on activity requires your full attention to the task in hand, rather than the outside world or intrusive thoughts or worries. It is a meditative process.

You do not need to have expensive flowers. You can use cut flowers from your garden or a cheap bunch from the supermarket. Have a play and let your creativity flow.

If you have enjoyed this practice you might want to join a workshop run by Harri.

Enjoy the power of flowers!

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