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One step to better posture

Join Katherine, a sports massage therapist, as she guides you through a series of exercises designed to help you improve your posture.

One of the biggest causes of pain in day to day life is caused by poor posture. Even one small step closer to good posture can make a huge difference. Katherine will guide you through comfortable and simple ways of improving posture.

Katherine is founder of LSM clinic and creator or 'No pain at work', an online course to help people with neck, shoulder and upper back pain who are working from less than ideal desk set ups in the office or at home.

"The biggest mistake we all make when trying to improve posture is rushing the process! Would you run a marathon the first time you attempted running? Of course you wouldn't!"

In our eagerness to improve our posture we can jump into corrective action too quickly, causing more pain and discomfort, as we force muscles that may not have been used for a while. We can also accidently over compensate our muscles in the act of trying to create good posture.

The 'One step closer posture' approach

The idea is you find one step closure to better posture where you feel comfortable but is not yet perfect, and let you body get used to that.

If this practice can be followed 5 minutes a day x 3 times a day it will help your muscles to safely train themselves. You can this up until you can sustain the position all day with ease.

This approach to self care is all about showing compassion to yourself. Building up the endurance slowly allows your body to get used to the position until it feels normal.


Find out more about Katherine and the LSM Clinic

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