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How to prioritise your life, set goals and stay motivated after cancer.

Join Life after Cancer coach Steph in a workshop on how to prioritise your life, set goals and stay motivated after cancer.

Welcome to our workshop. Today we're going to spend 20 minutes or so prioritising your life goals, breaking down big goals into daily actions and talking about how to use accountability to keep you motivated.

This workshop will allow you to start working towards the life that you’d like to be living post cancer.

It can be difficult moving forward and looking ahead to the future after cancer. Cancer can have a huge impact on our sense of security and leaves many of us living with the fear of uncertainty. When we feel powerless, taking positive action towards recovery helps us regain a sense of control.

Taking stock of who you are after treatment and what you want to achieve allows you to focus on any shifts in your perspective, goals, values or dreams.

Take time to connect with what now matters to you, allowing yourself to create new goals and put energy into working towards what you really want to achieve.

"The only impossible journey is the one you never begin" - Tony Robbins

You will leave the workshop with a better understanding of how to prioritise your own life goals, learn about 'chunking' to break these down and create your own action planner and the importance of accountability in getting your goals achieved.

Setting achievable, meaningful goals will help lead to feelings of success and confidence that propel you forward to rebuild a hopeful, healthy outlook on your life after cancer.

Read more about setting SMARTER goals on our blog.

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