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Get outside and spread the love

Lisa talks about the importance of getting outside in nature and the mindfulness benefits of rock painting.

We all know that getting outside is good for us, but having a purpose to go for a walk can often give us that extra push we need to get outdoors.

One way to find purpose is to join the painted rock movement and go on the hunt for or decorate your own rocks to leave around your community.

The best part about this activity is that it is something that can be done alone or involving the whole family.

Painting rocks might seem like something you do just for fun, but it is also a powerful way of practicing mindfulness, bringing you to the present moment and forcing you to focus on something other than your own worries or stresses.

What is the painted rock movement?

The purpose of the painted rock movement is simple, to cultivate connections within communities and lift others through simple acts of kindness.

Individuals decorate rocks or stones with patterns, images or motivational sayings, and leave around their community for others to find.

What paint do I need to use?

Lisa uses water soluble acrylic paints but you can use any art materials that you have available, you do not need anything specialist. Try to stay away from anything with toxic chemicals that could be harmful to the environment.

Remember, there are no rules! You can unleash your creativity by painting an image, a pattern or an inspirational word or phrase. This is supposed to be fun so try not to get fixated on the technicalities or tied up in perfectionism.

We hope that this inspires you to get outside, spend time in nature and create mindful art that can help you feel part of your community.

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