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Navigating nutrition after cancer - Frequently asked questions


Meet Monika Siemicka

Specialist dietician

Monika (She/her) - White

I am learning. I am grateful. I am brave.


Nutrition can play a really big role, not only during cancer treatment, but afterwards too.

Trying to figure out what you feel like eating whilst also getting lots of information from well-meaning friends and family, not to mention what’s on social media, can leave your head spinning.

"It’s ok to be confused about what to eat after cancer and the good news is that it doesn’t have to be complicated"

This video by specialist dietitian Monika Siemicka aims to tackle a few questions around the nutrition and cancer topics that come up time and again.

These include protein intake after cancer, processed foods, carbohydrates, tinned vs fresh food and much more.

Read more about nutrition after cancer with Monika's guest blog post

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