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Starting exercise after cancer treatment

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Meet Sarah Newman

Cancer & Exercise Rehabilitation coach from Get Me Back

Sarah (She/her)

Diagnosed 2018 - Cervical Cancer


Check out Sarah's guide to starting at home strength training after cancer treatment.

Sarah Newman, exercise specialist from Get Me Back , guides you through some at home, strength building exercises safe for use after cancer treatment.

Exercise is recommended and hugely important for most people living with and beyond cancer, at all stages of care – that’s during treatment, after treatment and for those living with advanced cancer.

Sarah's video covers four simple and cancer safe exercises that can be done at home to strengthen the core, lower limbs and upper body. No special equipment is required to get started building your strength at home.

Before you start anything, please speak to your medical team to be signed off before beginning any new exercise routine.


Find out more about exercising after cancer here -

National charities supporting cancer and exercise are -

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