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Sex lives and intimacy after cancer

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Meet Kate Moyle

Kate (She/Her) - White British

Sexual & Relationship Psychotherapist Accredited Member of COSRT & Registered by UKCP and EFS & ESSM Certified Psycho-Sexologist .

I am thoughtful, I am strong, I am curious.


Check out Kate's four step guide to approach sex and intimacy after cancer.

Sex after cancer is something that is left out of the conversation.

Individuals don't know what to ask and cancer care teams and medical professionals are often not equipped to have the conversations themselves.

In this video, Kate approaches the subject of sex and intimacy after cancer using the 'Four T's', originally developed by Dr Domeena Renshaw, pshychiatrist and sex and relationships expert.

The 'Four T's' that Kate covers to approach sex after cancer are -

  • Time

  • Trust

  • Talk

  • Touch

"Sex and intimacy may be different after cancer, but that doesn’t have to mean the end of it."

Understanding that there are so many ways to experience intimacy, sensuality, sexuality and pleasure means that you are able to curiously explore and be open-minded to finding what works for you which is a key ingredient of any fulfilling sex life after cancer.


Find out more about sex and intimacy after cancer here -

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