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Walthamstow Wellbeing Walk: Supporting Adults Who Have Finished Cancer Treatment

Updated: Jul 9

Hey there, I'm Georgina, a business analyst by day and studying to be a counsellor by night. I live with my partner, my 6-year-old son and our newly adopted kitten, Lolly.

In 2018, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and completed treatment in 2019. Life is very busy, but I love to get out into some greenery for walks and hikes with like minded friends. I also host the monthly Life after Cancer Wellbeing Walk in Walthamstow. 

The Wellbeing Walk for adults who have finished cancer treatment

Join us for a 1 hour supportive Wellbeing Walk through the Walthamstow Wetlands, where we've created a welcoming space for those who've had cancer. Our group is small and diverse, each member bringing their own unique story and perspective.

We begin by introducing ourselves while waiting for everyone to arrive. Then, we take a gentle stroll, chatting and connecting among nature.

Afterwards, we continue our conversations over hot drinks and delicious cake at the Wetlands Cafe.

Top 3 benefits of joining the Wellbeing Walk after cancer:

  • Community Connection: Being with like minded people who instantly understand and can relate to the post cancer concerns you might be experiencing.

  • Emotional Support: Speaking openly in a supportive environment increases mental wellbeing and provides a sense of relief and shared understanding.

  • Physical Wellbeing: Enjoying the great outdoors and engaging in gentle exercise boosts physical health and leaves us feeling refreshed and invigorated. As we like to say, "you never regret going for a walk!"

How the Walthamstow Wellbeing Walk supports adults after finishing cancer treatment:

  • 100% would recommend the group to others

  • 100% of attendees felt more confident after attending the walk

  • 100% felt that their mental wellbeing was improved after the walk

  • 100% felt more connected and less isolated after attending the walk

  • 80% were inspired to continue to introduce regular walking into their lives

  • 66% have continued to be active for at least 20 mins a day - 5 times a week             

The importance of a supportive community after cancer treatment

Life after cancer can feel like a lonely road without a supportive community that truly understands. Being in the company of empathetic individuals who just "get it" and can relate to your experiences can provide great comfort and come as a huge relief.

In our safe space, you're free to share openly and without fear of judgment, surrounded by individuals who understand. As we walk amongst the calm of Walthamstow Wetlands, many of us leave feeling relaxed, uplifted and understood.

Ready to join the Life after Cancer Wellbeing Walk community?

Join us on our next Wellbeing Walk and experience the community, conversation and nature. Check out our events link to sign up and reserve your free space.

Life after Cancer also host a monthly Walthamstow seated support group at Orford House. Meet new people, share experiences, and socialise in a welcoming, non-judgmental space facilitated by a trained coach who has experienced cancer.

The sessions are held once a month at 7pm in Orford House, Walthamstow. Book via the events link.

Walking group attendee testimonials:

"I really enjoyed the walk and it was so so good to be able to chat about the challenges that cancer treatment with others who have experienced the same. It was great to walk and chat in a beautiful location. It has done wonders for me and I feel energised!"
"Having tried several different types of therapy to try to help with the aftermath of cancer, I think that the Wellbeing Walks are the thing that helped me most."
"I think that walking and talking with others who’ve been through cancer is probably the single best thing I’ve done to aid my physical and mental recovery!"
"I always say that I never regret a walk, and these Wellbeing Walks have been a lovely way to meet people and chat about our common experiences, whilst enjoying nature. I always feel better for it afterwards." 

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