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How to find balance in your life post cancer.

Join Life after Cancer coach Steph in a workshop on how to find balance in your life post cancer treatment.

Welcome to our workshop. Today we're going to spend 25 minutes or so helping you find balance in your life post cancer.

After a cancer diagnosis, many individuals feel that their pre-diagnosis goals and visions no longer align with who they are after treatment ends.

We take a look at where you are now and where you'd like to be before making plans for the future, keeping in mind that it may include a little more uncertainty than we would like it to.

We help you use a tool called a balance wheel, which is an exercise to help you map out different areas of your life, and help you identify areas in which you would like to improve, or make changes.

You will leave with an overview of how satisfied you are with your life, clarity around areas of your life that you'd like to change and some actions that will support you to get there.

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