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Learning to Surrender

Watch Dr Lauren Macdonald, stage 4 cancer survivor, discuss the positives of giving up control and learning to surrender.

Surrender is the final frontier in the healing journey from any life challenge. Control is an illusion and clinging to control can be exhausting and damaging for our nervous system.

Surrender is the complete acceptance of what is, knowing it will all be okay, even without your input. On the other side of surrender is where we can find peace and connection to our true selves.

"After any trauma, we can get stuck in survival mode, even after cancer treatment is over, and it can be difficult to engage in life when you are constantly in flight - fight - freeze mode.

When we have shut down, it can be hard to reconnect with our nervous system. One way we can do this is to surrender into what is and letting go of control of what happened to us.

Slowing down using body practices, such as yoga and meditation, really allows us take time to sit with our experiences, accept where we are now and reconnect with ourselves.

"Surrender is not a process of giving up. Surrender is a process of making the decision to give up our power and control to something bigger than ourselves."

Surrendering is an active not passive process. See where you can surrender and give up some control in your life. Invite acceptance of the 'what is' and trust deepen our trust in the Universe working in your favor."

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