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Tap & shake: Do-in meridian stretches

Join Charlie, a stand healing practitioner, who guides you through an ancient technique to help stimulate your energy flow to get you feeling enlivened and pumped up.

What is Do-In? The easiest translation is "self shiatsu" or "exercises for health".

"Do of Do-In means to open up channels and facilitate the movement of energy along specific routes. In of Do-In means to move and stretch one's limbs to achieve this purpose." Shizuto Masunga, author of Meridian Exercises.

Our meridian channels are highways for energy to distribute over our bodies.

Meridian exercises are designed to strengthen the Ki, the life force, within you. By stretching the meridians a free flow of Ki is stimulated. This will help you to achieve and maintain a state of balance, mentally and physically.

This deep body connection and full body scan will help you practice self awareness and relaxation.

Find out more about stand healing and movement for everyday wellbeing

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