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Explore who you are and your identity after cancer.

Join Life after Cancer coach Steph in a workshop on how to explore who you are in your life after cancer treatment.

Welcome to our identity after cancer workshop. We're going to spend 30 minutes or so exploring who you are after your cancer diagnosis.

We’re going to take some time for an identity check in. We’ll introduce you to you and you'll get to know who you are a little bit better.

As I’m sure you know, experiencing cancer is a huge life changing event, our beliefs, values and priorities may change.

This is your space to explore and I encourage you to take your time.

"I often hear statements such as ‘who am I after cancer’ and ‘what is my new normal’."

During this workshop, we’re going to clarify -

  • Who you are - what makes you, you

  • What's important to you and what your values are (when we’re clear on our life values, we can use these a bit like a compass - they’ll help to guide us move forward

  • What you want in life after your cancer diagnosis

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