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Journaling to reflect on your cancer experience.

Join Life after Cancer coach Steph in a workshop on how to use journaling to reflect on your cancer experience.

Welcome to our journaling after cancer workshop. We're going to spend 15 minutes or so reflecting on your cancer experience.

If you have recently finished cancer treatment, this is a great workshop to start with.

What is journaling?

Very simply, journaling is the practice of writing down thoughts and feelings in order to understand them better.

Why journaling?

  • Allows space for reflection

  • An outlet for fears and concerns

  • Priorities may become clearer

  • Can help you figure out your next steps

Before you start journaling -

  • Decide what format you want to use (write one line, or write everything that comes to mind, draw, doodle or pop words on a page

  • Journal for yourself. If you don't want to share with the group, you can keep this private

  • Don’t judge what you write, just write

In the workshop I'm going to ask you 5 questions, these are your journal prompts which I'd like you to answer.

"This is your space for reflection and it's an outlet for any fears and concerns that you may have."

We hope that writing down your thoughts and feelings allows you to understand them better, that the journaling helps your priorities to become clearer and that the session will help you figure out your next steps. Enjoy!

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