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Managing negative thoughts and emotions

Follow a short visualisation to help you challenge negative thoughts and emotions to move past issues you may be experiencing.

We sometimes forget that we have the power to take control away from negative emotions and feelings. The aim of this exercise is to focus on challenging something that has been making you feel uncomfortable and visualising yourself physically taking the power away from it.

It is important to recognise that what is taking over and controlling us is just a thought. By visualising, we are understanding what the thought or feeling is doing to us and then passing it on.

Here are the questions from the exercise to get started -

  • Describe where this feeling is in your body

  • Where do you physically feel it?

  • What shape is this feeling or emotion taking?

  • Use your senses to describe in detail - the colour, the texture, the weight, the smell, the intensity, the sound

Once you have a detailed idea and feeling of this emotion, it is time to visualise yourself taking back control and power by taking the emotion and moving it to somewhere else, somewhere out the way, perhaps out the window, over a cliff or in the bin. Where is up to you.

Whenever the thought or feeling that is making you uncomfortable crops up again, take time to repeat this process of visualising yourself physically removing what is making you uncomfortable.

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